A Revolutionary Platform

Bringing Rideshares To The World of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency.

iRide signed MOU with Prince of Saudi Arabia.

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Proposed For Listing

iRide will be listed on Bitker and start trading by 12/21/2018. More Details

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About the company

iRide.io is a newly born organization seeking to revolutionize the ride-share industry by providing drivers an option to pay less commissions through iRide token and blockchain technology. iRide.io is the world’s first ride-sharing application built on the Ethereum Platform. With transaction costs drastically reduced, our drivers are able to earn a considerably higher income that has not been available through other ride-sharing service companies. We are dedicated to the worldwide adoption of our technology.

Goal & Mission

Our goal is to protect earnings for our drivers and lowering costs for our riders. We will provide multiple options of accepting payments for our drivers. Introduction of iRide wallet & iRide Token will allow drivers to exchange their crypto coins to other preferred crypto currencies or fiat currencies within a specific time frame to always guarantee correct value.

Delivering transportation solutions in an effective and efficient manner by providing low cost commissions for drivers through iRide Token and Blockchain Technology.

Goal & Mission

Using iRIDE Tokens

Users will download the free iRide app from the app stores.
A rider will submit a request for transportation through the app.
The request will then be forwarded to all online drivers.
The driver who accepts the request will pick-up and drop-off the passenger. Insurance for drivers will be provided per ride, offered through our iRide app.
At the drop-off location, the passenger will have the option to pay the fare by iRide Token or Credit Card.
Both driver and rider will rate each other’s services.
Other services to be included (by 1st quarter 2019):
Food delivery
Insurance options
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Low commission costs for drivers

To increase our passenger and driver registrations on our iRide token application on the Ethereum Blockchain. To establish and maintain a strong market presence that assures both short-term and long-term profitability, growth and success for our drivers.

Tokens purchased

Tokens purchased with ICO have a 90 days restriction before selling Bonus for Early Token buyers-No restrict

Strategy and Implementation Summary

Competitive Edge

  • Our passion is to provide on-time, safe and convenient ride-sharing services.
  • Our focus is to offer excellent customer service that will help achieve full customer satisfactions.
  • We gain edge due to the combination of our unique services, and our interaction with customers.
  • We have developed a data base that is highly efficient and effective in storing and executing information.
  • We are meticulous in what we do and understand the needs of our drivers and riders.
  • Our management team is experienced, professional, and highly talented.
  • We have a well laid out marketing plan that would help us create strong business awareness.
  • We provide unmatchable level of customer service and support to our clients.


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Information about the Token

Issue Date February 20, 2018

Name iRide Token

Owner iRide Tech PTE, LTD.

Type Ethereum

Total Supply 10,000,000,000 Hard Cap

Token Address: 0x69D94dC74dcDcCbadEc877454a40341Ecac34A7c


20% Technology Development
and Implementation


40% Marketing and Expenses
Advertising Campaign

Funds Allocation

The percentage ratio
is subject to variation base
on company needs.


25% Financial Security


15% Other Business

Ultilization of Proceeds

Progressive Approach
In addition to the listed use of proceeds, iRide is committed to researching and developing future
innovations to remain competitive

Marketing Budget
IT Infrustracture
Software Development
Business Operations

Our Awesome Team

Mat Hemant 'Mat' Khokhar CEO/CFO

Hristo P Hristo P Data Analyst

Trung Nguyen Trung Nguyen Programmer

Silvija Jurgelevic Silvija Jurgelevic Accounting

Gaurav Kumar Gaurav Kumar Human Resource

Saeid Toufani Asl Saeid Toufani Asl Graphic Designer

The iRIDE Advisors

Advisors Ong Eng-Hwee Gareth

Advisors Naviin Kapoor

Advisors Richard Trummer

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